A journey from trading to investing!

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It all started in August 2020 when my friend told me about his trading triumphs. He used to throw big numbers at me — “Hey, I made this much profit in a day” or “Hey, I doubled my principle in 20 days”. And, like any other youngster, who wants to get crazy rich, I was also attracted to this so-called “ easy money-making” scheme i.e day trading — which eventually became a dark hole for me.

I was just 21 years old interning at a firm with not much savings. But, when I got…

Automate anything and everything

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VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is widely used for automating MS-Office products. Most of the time, when you are working with loads of data and want to automate your tasks, VBA comes in very handy.

Last week, I had to work on dozens of workbooks and had to do some process of data cleaning over them. If I would have done it manually by going on each workbook and cleaning it - the same process for dozens of times, it would have sucked all my energy and would have taken hours to get all done and dusted.

To avoid this…

Reading is fun!

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When I talk to my friends, they always have a major complaint about my reading habits. How can you read all the time? Isn’t it boring? I get these a lot. But, I personally find reading peaceful and a meditating act. Also, it ain’t boring.

That’s why I decided to create a post. If you think reading is boring, I have listed down 5 books that you should read.

And Then There Were None — Agatha Christie

Start writing elegant code!

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Python is at the peak of the programming food chain right now. Because of its readability, versatility, and ease of learning, programmers are showing more and more interest in it. For making your Python journey easier, I have listed 10 tricks that you can use to write more beautiful code.

Swapping Variable

One of the most used ways to swap two variables is by bringing a ‘temp’ variable into play.

a = 10
b = 20
print("Before Swapping:", a, b)
temp = b
b = a
a = temp
print("After Swapping:", a, b)

This will return

Before Swapping: 10 20
After Swapping: 20…

My Review

Stitched with writing pieces full of grief!

The White Book — Babbel

While scrolling Amazon, my buying history suggested me the books of a South Korean writer, Han Kang. I have been reading Haruki Murakami’s work for a long time now. After reading Killing Commendatore, Kafka on the Shore, Men Without Women, Sputnik Sweetheart, and Norwegian Woods, I wanted to try a new way of writing. A new reading style!

And, that’s when Han Kang came in! I came across books like The Vegetarian, Human Acts, and The White Book. THE WHITE BOOK! The name was fascinating and I ordered it right away.

The book talks about personal grief and that’s whole…

Combining dataframes with Pandas!

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Pandas library comes along with Series and DataFrame objects. And, these two are powerful intermediatory tools to explore and analyze the data. Data from million rows to just dozens, you can create a DataFrame for your analysis.

For a basic idea, Series object can be thought of as a column and a DataFrame object can be seen as a collection of Series in a table-like structure. At times, we get to see separate datasets for analysis. So, it sometimes becomes necessary to unify them. Hence, Pandas methods like merge, join and concatenate come in very handy.

This post discusses those…

Working with re module functions

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In the last article, I have talked about regular expressions. Along with it, I focussed on the “re” module in Python which offers tons of regex functionalities. Continuing from where I left, this article will be shedding light on methods in the “re” module which can be used for advanced string analysis.

The previous story majorly worked with re.search(). This story brings a new “re” functions. So, the “re” module comes with three categories of functions.

  • Searching
  • Substitution
  • Utility

Searching functions

  • re.search() — scans for a pattern match
  • re.match() — look for a match at the string’s beginning
  • re.findall() — list of…

Pattern matching with Regex

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The story of regular expressions started building up in 1951 when Stephen Cole Kleene, a mathematician who described regular language. And, Ken Thompson used Kleene’s concept for pattern matching in the 1960s.

Since them, regular expressions or regexes have boomed in programming. From Python, Java to JavaScript, regexes have adopted regular expressions. So is the case with text editors and many Unix tools.

Regular expressions are used by Pythonistas mostly when they are dealing with strings. Let’s say, you want to find a substring in a string object. Either you can write dozen of lines to do that or use…

e-learning doesn’t insult traditional system

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Since the boom of digitalization, education has seen a massive shift and is changed completely. E-learning platforms have changed the whole concept of education. Now, there is no need to sit under the roof with 50 classmates and learn. Instead, you can stay wherever you want and learn online at your convenience.

Since e-learning is a fresh concept, many myths are lingering in the minds of students. So, I am here to debunk five common myths related to E-learning platforms.

1. E-learning is too techy

Many people believe that online learning is all about the internet and technology. No, it is not! Just like any…

Using the PyPDF2 library

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Python’s flexibility and interactivity lie in the fact that we can use any form of data. From JSON, excel sheets, text files, APIs, or even PDFs, Python lets us play with any form of data.

PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the most common documents sharing format. It can have different elements like text, images, tables, or forms in the file. Since there is a lot happening in a single file, it becomes tedious to extract data out of the PDF file.

In this post, I will be particularly talking about PyPDF2 library that is used to create…

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