Deep Dive: Coin98 Wallet

Vishal Sharma
8 min readMar 8, 2022

The world is entering into Web3. And, it’s a reality! Odds are you might have heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or definitely, Dogecoin from your friends or people around you. Most people want to learn about this space. People want to know what’s a cryptocurrency, how they work, how to hold one, and how to make money from it. People want to know all about it! But, the best way to get into Web3 is to dive into it and get your hands dirty.

The biggest dilemma a crypto beginner faces is where to buy the crypto assets. There are two places to store these assets — an exchange or a wallet.

Before all that, the tokens/assets owned by a person on a blockchain belong to a private key. When you try to buy crypto tokens using exchange, tokens belong to the exchange application’s private keys. An exchange app lets you trade the crypto assets held in their crypto wallets. If you aren’t owning your private keys, you cannot interact with the applications that live on the token’s blockchain.

Meanwhile, owning your tokens in a crypto wallet gives you the private keys. Your keys, your coins! Simply put, wallets are super safe and secure places to store your tokens which give you the full-ownership over your crypto assets.

To get up and running — get a fully-featured crypto wallet, add tokens into it, and that’s it. Voila, you have a visa to Web3! Now, you can buy NFT, save your crypto in DeFis, and get along with Dapps.

Introducing Coin98 Wallet

Coin98, an all-in-one DeFi platform, is aiming to fulfill untapped demand in Web3 and become a gateway bridging TradFi users to the DeFi services on multiple blockchains. It comes with a full suite of products, including Coin98 Wallet, Coin98 Exchange, and Space Gate (cross-chain bridge).

Coin98 Wallet is a fully-featured crypto wallet providing services like non-custodial, multi-chain NFT & cryptocurrency wallet, built-in DEXs, Cross-chain Bridge & DApp Browser, a powerful Terminal, attractive Earn, Gift & Campaign, and Others. The wallet is available under the name of Coin98 Finance on the iOS and Android stores. You can also use the Coin98 web extension from the Chrome browser.


A multi-chain NFT & cryptocurrency wallet

Coin98 enables users to store and manage their crypto tokens on more than 50 blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and others. Not only cryptocurrencies, but the app can also store all your purchased NFTs on the EVM blockchain and Solana. In short, the app becomes a one-stop solution to store and secure all your cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Furthermore, you can send crypto tokens to various crypto addresses simultaneously with the app.

Working effortlessly with the Solana network

The wallet app allows special Solana features like Solana Migration and Solana Claim. With Solana Migration, users can migrate all their SPL tokens to one Solana wallet address. On the other hand, Solana Claim allows you to claim your SOL tokens from the initial fees on Serum(a decentralized exchange where you can trade your tokens).

Inbuilt DEX

Coin98 has worked with leading AMMs on blockchains like Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and more which allow users to trade crypto tokens.

Interact with dApps from Coin9’s dApp Browser

To make the entry into DeFi world seamless, Coin98 introduces a dApp Browser in the Super app which allows users to connect with various dApps.

Earn with Coin98

You can stake your crypto tokens on the Coin98 app and earn some passive income on your crypto assets. Coin98 has also introduced its referral program with the points reward system. You can redeem these rewards by referring the app to friends and together using the “Native Swap” feature. Inviting your friends to use the app using a referral code will also incentivize you.

Onboarding Experience

Once you open the Coin98 app after downloading it from iOS App Store or Google Play Store, you can choose the language to interact with the app.

Selecting the language on Coin98 app

You will be directed to the app’s home screen.

Home screen on the app

As we want to secure our assets in the wallet, we will have to select the wallet icon present in. the bottom right-hand corner.

Coin98 Wallet dashboard showing option to add new wallet

You can now click on “Add Wallet” which then will allow you to create a new wallet or restore an existing wallet on different network protocols.

Selecting the Multi-Chain Wallet and creating a new wallet

After selecting the type of wallet we need for our future usage, go to “Create” and give your wallet a name like “My Coin98 Wallet”. You will get a passphrase from the app. A passphrase is an entry to your crypto wallet. You must keep it safe – in short, have a backup of those random words and never share them with anyone.

Once you have kept your passphrase with you in writing or in your notes, click the. “Create Wallet” button.

Naming the wallet for personalization

Voila, your first crypto wallet is created. Now, you can send and receive crypto tokens in your wallet.

Coin98 Wallet dashboard

Sending crypto tokens from our wallet

Now that we have set up our first fully-featured crypto wallet, it’s time to get into the real game i.e sending or receiving tokens. We will start by sending a crypto token to another wallet. It’s like paying your friend an unpaid bill. Just tap the “Send” button present on the wallet home and enter the tokens you want to send.

In the below image, we want to send Ether from our wallet. You need to enter the recipient’s wallet address in the second placeholder. Also, you can leave a sweet note for your friend.

One amazing feature Coin98 Wallet offers is that it let you select the gas fee. Gas fee is some value of ether you will pay to make your transaction successful. You can use the slider to set the gas fees. Simply put, if you want your transaction to get completed faster, you pay a high gas fee.

Interface of sending crypto to a receipent

After all, ’s done, simply slide the “Slide to Send” slider and your payment will be sent to your friend.

Receiving crypto tokens to our wallet

You won’t only be sending the crypto assets to your friends. Sometimes, your friends might send you the tokens too. For receiving the tokens, tap the “Receive” button. You will see a big list of crypto tokens you can receive from your friends.

Let’s ask for some USDT(a crypto token pegged to US dollar) from our friend. Search and select USDT in the list and you will see a screen with a QR code along with your USDT address.

Send it to the person who wants to send you the USDT tokens. And, that’s it! Your friend can send you the crypto token at this address and you will receive your tokens.

Sending and Receiving NFT

Not only tokens, you can also send and receive NFTs from the wallet. If you have bought an NFT, you can also gift it to your friends with Coin98's easy user experience. You will have to select the NFT you want to send and enter the crypto address of your friend’s wallet.

NFT Dashboard showing NFT present in the wallet

For receiving, just get your public crypto token address and share it with your friend. Once your friend sends it to you, your dashboard will look like this. In our example, a Solana NFT was received.

Interface for sending NFT to a recipient

Checking past transactions and swapping tokens

You can also look at the past transactions by going under the “History” tab.

Transaction history tab in Coin98 Super app

Swapping crypto tokens is a great feature in the Coin98 Wallet. First, select the crypto token you want to swap (convert into other cryptos) from the wallet dashboard. After clicking on the crypto token, it will show you all the past transactions against that crypto and a few options.

Send, Receive or Swap by selecting a crypto token in app

Go and select the third “Swap” option. You will be redirected to an inbuilt Coin98's swapping tool where you can swap different crypto tokens. In the screenshot below, USDT can be swapped with Coin98's C98 tokens.

Swapping interface in Coin98 wallet app

And this is not it! There are dozens of other features associated with Coin98's Wallet. You can visit the decentralized finance apps from the Coin98 Finance app itself. You can easily connect your Coin98 wallet with those DeFis and use your tokens to engage in different sectors. You can stake your tokens and earn interest on your crypto. You can take a loan against your crypto tokens. You can. play games using your crypto tokens. There’s still a lot unexplored in this world but you have to start from somewhere. And getting a fully-featured Coin98 crypto wallet will give you that push to interact with Web3 and become a part of that community.

Edge over its competitors

Coin98 Super app is a one-stop solution for your arrival to Web3. Unlike other wallet apps, the Coin98 app doesn’t confine to traditional crypto wallet features i.e. holding tokens.

The Coin98 app not only allows you to hold your crypto tokens and NFTs but also comes with dozens of other privileges like interacting with dApps, staking crypto tokens, and using DeFi. Its interactive interface makes the user experience exciting. Unlike other wallet apps, the Coin98 app also offers a partner program and referral program with which its users can earn passive income. So, why stick to a traditional crypto wallet when we get dozen attractive features with the Coin98 Super app?


Coin98 is backed by many tech giants in crypto world. With the backing of decentralized organizations like Saber, fantom, Harmony, PolkaFoundry and other, Coin98 become a trustworthy option to look in the crypto world.

Coin98 Partners


Web3 is all about community building. Coin98 has a big community where you can talk to people and get involved in their vision. You can check out their Discord, Twitter, and Telegram channels and be part of their community.